Explainer Video production - Animated marketing Videos

Explainer Animation Video Prices Start from £499 for a 60 second video with music.

Explainer Video Production

Explainer videos are potentially extremely useful when it comes to marketing and education. They have all the benefits of ordinary videos in terms of SEO but research suggests people find them more enjoyable and compelling.

Clyde Digital offers a bespoke Explainer Video production service. From the start we research and get to grips with the purpose of your video — that means getting very familiar with your product or service and getting to the core.

Once we are clear on goals we begin to create a storyboard. After that comes the script — voice-artists can be arranged and are recommended in some cases.

Finally the animation is pieced together and we look at deploying it on the web. We show you how to share it and can embed it on your website or social media profiles for you.

Whiteboard Explainer Video Production

Whiteboard videos hold the interest of viewers and are really useful for breaking down complicated ideas and driving home marketing concepts.

We like to combine whiteboard video with regular video and other forms of animation. They’re great for summarising at the end of sequences and particularly suitable for educational videos.

In terms of cost, whiteboard videos offer huge value —  Give us a call to discuss and we can come up with prices based on your requirements.