Slide Professional Property Photography, Property Video Tours, Aerial Photography & Video In today's competitive property market, professional photography and video must be seen as a solution, a way of setting your company and your property listings apart. It's the 'age of the smart device' and first impressions have never mattered more; with a glance and the lightest touch of a screen, opportunities and sales can be won or lost. The Estate Agents that succeed today are the ones that understand all this. We understand it too. If you're an Estate Agent and want to try us out, call 0141 569 1213 1: £99 - Professional Property Photography 14 to 20 professional high resolution property photographs, shot on wide angle lenses, covering all rooms, bathrooms, and gardens, processed & ready for the web.
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2: £129 - Edited HD Property Video Tour with Music A stabilised HD video tour of your property that runs for up to 90 seconds, edited and synchronised to music, covering internal and external features, hosted & ready to share.
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3: £199 - P&V Combo Property Photography & Video Tour Options 1 and 2 combined, providng you with 14 to 20 high resolution professional photographs of your property and a beautiful video that will grab the interest prospective buyers.
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Slide 4: £119 - Drone Photography 12 high quality and high resolution drone shots from various perspectives suppied in RAW format as well as JPEG, processed & ready for the web.
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5: £299 - Full Spectrum, with Professional Photo's, Aerial Photo's, Aerial Video, Extended Video Tour This bundle delivers the most comprehensive coverage of your property possible. With aerial photographs alongside those we take in around your property, every aspect and angle is covered. An extended video, set to music, will include aerial footage and take viewers on tour of your property’s best features.
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