Providing Glasgow & Scotland with Aerial Photography, Aerial Video, Drone Roof Surveys, Construction Site Video, & Drone Property Photography


We put the latest and best drone technology at your disposal.
That means 4K Video, Ultra-High Resolution Photographs, precision flight control,
advanced collision avoidance and improved safety.

PFCO Qualified & Insured Professional Drone Services All of our drone pilots are PFCO qualified, insured, and experienced professionals, so that you can count on us delivering the aerial photography and video your project requires.
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Slide Drone Property Photo 8 Aerial Photographs High Resolution RAW Format Processed For Web From Various perspectives Offer Price £99 Drone Property Video 90 Second Long Video Approach & Close Shots Supplied in Unedited 4k Hosted & Ready To Embed Offer Price £159 Combo Photo & Video 8 High-Res Photographs 90 Seconds of 4k Video Photo's in RAW & JPG Hosted & Ready To Embed Offer Price £219 PM. Drone Photo & Video Packages
for Estate Agents & Property Sales

Slide UAV (Drone) Roof Inspections have revolutionised areas of work that were once costly and dangerous... It's no longer necessary to involve people with ladders and/or scaffolding if you want to assess the condition of a roof or structure that's hard to reach and high above the ground. We don't need to risk the life of a roofer or anyone to do these jobs, we don't need to pay them large sums of money, and we don't need to take their word for it when they tell us what the problem is.

With a drone inspection from Clyde Digital, you will receive a detailed assessment of your roof or high-rise structure in Ultra High Definition video format. We send you a private link so that you (and only you) can watch it online or choose to share it, we will keep it there as long as you want so that you can refer to it again in future. We can even provide copies of your video survey on DVD within hours of carrying it out.

Call or email us today to discuss your requirement for a roof inspection or survey. You'll be surprised at how much money this could save you and how little it costs to have peace of mind. You'll also be impressed by our characteristic no-nonsense response to these things:

Call 0141 569 1213 email info@clydedigital.co.uk

Professional Drone Photography & Aerial Video, From Clyde Digital, Glasgow, Scotland

Drone photography and aerial video achieve results. That’s proven. The feedback we get from Estate Agents who have embraced drone photography and aerial video astounds us every week — houses that have been sitting on their books for over 6 months in some cases have been sold in a matter of days (in one case we were told 3 days).

You really don’t need to take our word for that. There’s no long-term commitment involved. Call us today to try out our service and see for yourself. We offer standard property photography for estate agents along with drone photography as part of a package. We also offer property video tours with or without drone footage.

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