Lunar Cassini Motorhome Video

June 22, 2018
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Lunar Cassini Motorhome Video

Adventures in Space

This Lunar Cassini Motorhome was literally brand new, with about 30 miles on its clock, when we shot the video. Special thanks to the guys at Scot Motorhomes in Perth, Scotland, particularly Bobby and Peter, who went out of their way to make us feel welcome and relaxed.

The Motorhome video market is one that we have been looking to enter for a few months. We didn’t realise that shooting video in a house would be so very different to filming within the confines of a motorhome, though… how wrong we were. The big issue proved to be space and the general lack of it in a motorhome. More about space later…

The weather didn’t help either, with a patchy sky and constantly changing light; you might think with the windows being so small (compared to an average house) that weather and conditions outside might be less of an issue but, as it turned out, the opposite proved to be the case — the small windows accentuated the constantly changing light within so that camera settings had to be continually adjusted.

That all said, we are very happy with this video. We took a different, more sedate, approach with this one and it works well.

And we really like the Lunar brand and think it’s clever. When you think about it, a motorhome is much like a space rocket — they’re both about adventure and discovery, both grapple with the problems of limited space and weight, and in both you need to be able to take everything that you might possibly need for the journey ahead. The guys at Lunar, then, are facing the very same challenges that the guys at NASA face in terms of keeping things lightweight, robust, small, without compromising on usability.

This sort of thinking shaped our approach to the video and was a huge factor in the choice of style and music (which is very space-age).

Anyway, we hope you like it. And if you would like us to make a similar video for you, get in touch — we love this stuff!

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