5. Full Spectrum, Aerial, Photo, & Video: £299

The samples of property photography and video on this page are real examples of previous work done by us.

The images and video show here are examples of real work carried out by us. The house sold in under one week in an area that has a reputation for being difficult for Estate Agent’s sales on account of being so remote.

Use of the Drone here served a very well pre-defined purpose — to show the property in the context of its beautiful surroundings. The drone, in other words, turned what might be regarded as a weakeness (remoteness) into a strength by giving emphasis to the beautiful countryside setting. Despite being a dull and wet day, conditions that undoubtedly impacted badly on the quality of the video in parts due to a lack of light, the project as a whole was a success.

This isn’t a property you’d describe as up-market; it was a simple one bedroom apartment. In that respect, it shows that professional photography and video, including the use of aerial photography and drone video, definitely has a place when it comes to selling houses at the middle and lower end of the property market.


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    Property Photography Samples, Including Aerial Photographs

    Final Property Video, Including Aerial Video & Stabilised Video

    Potential for Aerial & Drone Restrictions

    Note that it isn’t always possible to fly a drone for the purposes of photography and video work, even with a PFCO permission. In advance of all drone work, feasibility and planning is required in line with Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.

    More information on restrictions can be found here: Drone Photography & Aerial Video Restrictions Central Scotland