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Property Photography Processing - Before & After

Here we see how property photographs are processed in post. At the very start of the video, in Lightroom, we straighten out those verticals. This is one of the biggest mistakes that amateurs and professionals make when it comes to property photography; of course, to avoid this, you simply need to get the alignment of the camera right in the first place but when you are in a hurry it’s easy to get it wrong.

vertical alignment, straight verticals, property photography
Before shot, property photography fixes, how to correct vertical alignment.

The rest of the process, as depicted in the video, is devoted to what are essentially exposure issues. We like to see what’s outside the window, so, we protect that area with a polygonal lasso before adding general brightness.

After shot, property photography, brightening up without blowing out the window is key…

The rest of the process involves more targeted adjustments to light, colour balance, and “structure”/sharpness using Viveza which is an excellent piece of software for this job.

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