Services & Prices for 2021

Property Video, Property Photography, Aerial Photo & Video, Matterport Virtual Tours

Our range of property marketing services includes photography, video, aerial photo & video, and Matterport virtual tours. Our special offers combine different categories of service, such as video with photography, making fantastic discounts available, and we now offer “bolt-on” services which can be added to any option.

1. Property Photography

Up to 30 Processed Photographs

This Property Photography offer is for houses with up to three bedrooms and will deliver 20 to 30 processed photographs, covering both internal and outdoor space. We typically deliver within 24 hours of a shoot.

2. Property Walk-Through Video

Stabilised HD with Music

Our Property Walk-Through Videos are shot using image stabilisers, are set to music, and usually run for around 3 minutes. Coverage includes outside areas (gardens, etc.) and approach shots to the front of the property.

3. Video & Photo Special Offer

As per Option 1 & 2

The offer is available for houses and apartments that have up to three bedrooms. We typically deliver within 24 hours. Videos can be branded with animated intro’s free of charge.


4. Property Showcase Video

From £99

Property Showcase Videos are intended to give the most flattering depiction of a property, with each room shot individually in terms of composition and exposure. When it comes to editing, again, careful attention is put into processing each clip individually, synchronising to music, and what we call “flow”. Bolting on Drone Video is also possible, as per Option 7 listed.


5. Matterport 360 Tours

From £70

When it comes to virtual tours, everybody knows Matterport is the best – click the link below and see for yourself. Our £70 offer is for flats, bungalows, and other properties that occupy one floor; additional fees will apply for properties with more than one floor. The offer also includes hosting costs for 3 months (beyond 3 months, hosting will be charged at £5 per property per month).


6. Matterport & Photography Offer

From £110

This special offer includes Photography, as per Option 1 listed, and a Matterport Virtual Tour, as per Option 5. The price also includes hosting of the Matterport for 3 months. Note that additional charges will apply for properties that have more than one floor and/or more than three bedrooms. Additional charges will also apply where hosting is required for more than 3 months.