Professional Property Photography Training

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On completion of this training course, you will be able
to produce property photographs (such as those found
below) to an extremely high professional standard.
You will also learn a lot about image processing and
enhancement so that you will be able to deliver
photographs to clients that are ready to use.

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Property Photography Training:

2 Day Courses, Starting in Spring 2023

Our Professional Property Photography Training Course will teach you everything you need to produce and deliver high quality images to the property market. The course has been designed from ground up to meet the requirements of Estate Agents and others in the property market who have a requirement for beautiful images that help towards marketing and sales.

Course Requirements:
Equipment and a Basic Understanding

In terms of equipment required, those attending will need a DSLR (full frame is not necessary but the camera must be be capable of accommodating different lenses and able to shoot in ‘manual mode’). A tripod and speed-light are also required (and ideally the speed-light could be controlled and used off-camera) and a wide angle lens (20mm or lower) is highly recommended. It is assumed that those attending the course will have access to a computer and have image editing software at their disposal (image processing demonstrations will be carried out using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop).

In terms of experience and knowledge, the only prerequisite is that you know how to activate manual mode on your camera and are able to adjust ISO, Shutter Speed, and the Lens Aperture — it isn’t important that you know what these settings do, we will explain that, but it is important that you know where they are and how to make adjustments.

Course Content, Structure, & Approach

The course will start with the very basics of setting up the camera and preparing to shoot, giving emphasis to considerations that are common to every job; the goal here is to make setting up and preparing to shoot as mechanical, quick, and instinctive as possible. Demonstrating as we go, we will take account of and explain key theoretical and aesthetic ideas that are important to bear in mind as we get ready and position ourselves to shoot.

It probably goes without saying that light is intrinsic to photography and for that reason we will proceed to look in detail at the sort of issues and problems property photographers face on a regular basis when it comes to overcoming problems associated with adverse lighting conditions. Emphasis here will be given to using your speed-light effectively, shooting rooms with bright sunlight, how to deal with windows and views, and other situations that are typically challenging.

Having captured the images, our attention will shift to post-processing. It’s at this stage that we take our (hopefully) good photographs from the camera and make them great. One of the biggest and most positive developments in recent years when it comes to photography is found in the ever-expanding capabilities of image processing software (such as Adobe Lightroom), and it is a source of great comfort to know that even when things go wrong we can often salvage usable images and victory from the jaws of defeat.

General Industry-Related Advice on Getting Established, Winning Clients, and Expansion

As well as covering all the necessary skills, sharing tips and tricks that will save time and allow you to thrive, we will also discuss the property industry at large and provide ideas on how attendees might win clients, establish themselves, and expand into other areas. We look forward to helping you excel in the field of property photography.

If requesting further information, please note that final costs and venue details may not yet be available. We will publish here as soon as they are known. If you have any questions and would prefer to chat more informally by telephone, call Gordon the course convenor on 07515 384 730