June 23, 2020 Clyde Digital

Why Clyde Digital has quit Social Media…

It’s official; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and all the rest, we’ve dumped them. Quite simply, we don’t have the time, don’t want the hassle, and don’t want the responsibility. If people want to see our content, they can come to our website. If they want to find us, they can find us on Google. If those social media platforms want our content, they can call us and come to an arrangement. And if hackers want to penetrate our lives, well, they can eff off!

For some businesses it’s undoubtedly true that social media makes sense. And if we had more time to put into it, maybe it would make sense for us too. The truth is we don’t have the time and thus far, having put several hours into trying to keep some semblance of a presence on platforms like Facebook, it has been an entirely fruitless exercise, counter-productive even…

We are very comfortable with the decision to quit social media. It means our undivided time can be put into something that is unequivocally under our control, and something lasting — this website. We are excited about the prospect of beefing things up here, with new content and useful information added regularly.

It’s time to focus on what matters most; our customers, creating great content, and showing the world what we do on our terms.



Clyde Digital

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