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This webpage concerns flight restrictions across Scotland for drone operations. For more information and prices on the drone photography services we offer, we recommend visiting our main drone services page

Drone photography and drone video production offer exciting possibilities in areas such as property marketing, roof inspections, drone construction site progression, drone structural inspections, drone surveys, drone roof inspections, drone mapping, and more. We should say much, much, more since there is virtually no aspect of video production that might not be improved on with high quality drone video included.

That all said, there are important legal and safety consideration which must be adhered to when it comes to drone photography and aerial video production. Clyde Digital offer fully insured and PFCO (Permission For Commercial Operations) qualified drone operations. This gives us the legal entitelment to fly commercially and it is important to stress that it is illegal to fly commercial operations in the UK without this certification.

Importantly, anyone flying commercially without PFCO accreditation cannot possibly be insured which opens up a whole host of potential problems for those who flout the law, as well as those who employ them, should any accident occur. The Civil Aviation Authority and authorities generally are understood to be very keen to make examples of anyone caught in breech of the law when it comes to illegal drone operations.

The map (map 1) below outlines areas in Scotland as a whole that are controlled (i.e. controlled air space) and where drone operations are strictly prohibited. Generally, there are strict exclusion zones around airports, military bases, and prisons. These are wider contextual considerations, the first and highest order of laws and regulations that impose restrictions on drone flying. There are other restrictions beneath these that are every bit as important when it comes to legal drone flying whether for commercial or recreational purposes.

Map 1

The map (map 2) below gives a clearer picture of the restrictions and controls which exist for drone pilots in terms of managing airspace around airports in Central Scotland. Note the 3 mile radius around airports (represented by the red dotted circular outlines); it essentially illegal under any circumstances to fly a drone within these areas.

The light pink shaded areas represent controlled airspace, under the control and management of Glasgow and Edinburgh ATC (air Traffic Control) respectively. Although controlled, these areas are fine for commercial operations providing we notify the controlling body of our intended drone operations (this is done with a phone call in advance of drone flying).

Map 2
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Scottish Towns & Cities: Drone Photography Status

Drone Operations -- Top 10 Scottish Towns and Cities Ranked by Population Size

1 Drone Photography Glasgow & Drone Video production Glasgow 590,507 With restrictions Local Airport Restrictions apply
2 Drone Photography Edinburgh & Drone Video production Edinburgh 459,366 With Restrictions Local Airport Restrictions apply
3 Drone Photography Aberdeen & Drone Video production Aberdeen 195,021 With Restrictions Local Airport Restrictions apply
4 Drone Photography Dundee & Drone Video production Dundee 147,285 Generally Drone Friendly  
5 Drone Photography Paisley & Drone Video production Paisley 76,834 Highly Restricted Maximum Airport Restrictions
6 Drone Photography East Kilbride & Drone Video production East Kilbride 74,395 Generally Drone Friendly  
7 Drone Photography Livingston & Drone Video production Livingston 56,269 Generally Drone Friendly  
8 Drone Photography Hamilton & Drone Video production Hamilton 53,188 Generally Drone Friendly  
9 Drone Photography Cumbernauld & Drone Video production Cumbernauld 52,270 Highly restricted Maximum Airport Restrictions
10 Drone Photography Kirkcaldy & Drone Video production Kircaldy 49,709 Generally Drone Friendly