Aerial Photography & Video

Roof Surveys

We have several years of experience when it comes to
drone operations, are fully compliant with drone laws,
and all the work we do is covered by insurance.
Thanks to recent changes to the legal framework, we
now have much more freedom to fly in areas that were
previously off-limits, including built-up and congested
areas in towns and cities.

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Professional Drone Photography & Video

Drone Roof Surveys, Marketing Materials, Construction Progress Monitoring, Safety Inspections, Property Photography, Building Site Photography.

Drone video and photography plays an important part in the work we carry out regularly in the property market, but we also work closely with organisations involved in construction, building and architecture, manufacturing, the holiday market, and others who have more particular requirements.

The demand for drone services continues to grow, engagement rates with aerial photography and video remain high, and, at the same time, the costs associated with drone services have fallen. That’s all positive but the biggest boon of all has come with changes to the legal and regulatory framework introduced by the Civil Aviation Authority which essentially make it easier to fly in many areas that were previously off-limits or legally problematic — for more information, see CAA regulations here.

If you have a project in mind that might benefit from the use of drones, get in touch for a chat on 07515 384 730 (feel free to text and let us know about the project you have in mind or call — if we are busy, we promise will get back to you).

Drone Roof Inspections

The photographs on the left depicting a broken roof tile are from a job we carried out recently in Glasgow. It doesn’t look very significant, but that broken tile cost the company thousands of pounds in damage caused by damp, and before hiring us they had already hired a company to inspect the roof using cherry-picker type platform (that company failed to find the problem).

To be absolutely honest here, our drone operator did not see the cracked tile at the time — it was only later when we inspected the images that the problem was found. That’s quite unusual, we normally see the problems as we carry out the inspection, but it’s why we are always thorough and systematic when we conduct roof inspections. 

Building Site & Construction Progress Monitoring

Drone photography and video is proving to be incredibly useful when it comes to monitoring construction projects and it’s an area that we have embraced and expanded into over the years, offering innovative solutions that go above and beyond what our clients often expect.

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Aerial: Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow
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Drone Marketing Photography
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Drone Roof Surveys
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Aerial: Construction Site
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Legalities: Boring but Important!

All of the commercial work we carry out using drones is conducted in line with UK CAA regulations and the law. That means we are qualified, registered, and insured to carry out commercial drone operations subject to the Civil Aviation Authority’s “Open Category” stipulations as defined here

Yes. We operate throughout Scotland's Central Belt but can travel further afield. You can hire us for drone photography, drone video, or aerial virtual tours. Our prices are competitive but since every job is different we can't display them here and would suggest you contact us for more information.

Costs naturally vary from job to job. The simplest job for us is one requiring basic aerial photography. Costs here will typically cost around £99 to £199. For video work and anything involving virtual tours, cost will be higher. Our prices are competitive but since every job is different we can't display them here and would suggest you contact us for more information.

We have a lot of freedom thanks to recent changes in regulations but we can't fly near airports or in certain areas where local authorities and certain organisations have imposed specific restrictions. Sometimes we need to request special permission, but that's rare. Before we conduct drone operations we make checks. Also, the flight control software we use conducts checks before and during each flight.

Yes. We have lots of experience in this area, including inspections of regular houses as well as vast industrial sites. We can shoot high resolution images (48 megapixel) or 4K video at high frame rates (50 fps) that allow for slow motion.

The best way to order is online through our online booking system. You can, of course, email us or contact us by telephone -- we are good communicators, knowledgeable,  and happy to chat (some would say too happy...).
Our email address is 
For Drone-related calls, contact Gordon on 07515384730