Photography, Video, Virtual Tours, Aerial

Commercial Spaces

We offer a range of services to various commercial
sectors where there's a requirement for high quality
photographs, video, and other media resources.
We are extremely versatile, have good experience,
and put exciting cutting-edge technologies at your
disposal, including drones, immersive 360 capabilities,
and virtual tours.

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Commercial Property Photography, Video, Aerial, and Virtual Tours

Commercial Photography

Our commercial property photography service is primarily aimed at those wishing to put retail or industrial spaces on the market, for rental or sales purposes, but we are flexible and are often involved in more nuanced projects. Aerial photography is optional as a bolt-on and, thanks to new changes to the legal framework, we can fly almost anywhere (except near airports). We even use drones indoors where there’s value in doing so.

Commercial Video

When it comes to commercial video, the experience we have is quite varied, but at the same time we like to stay within the niche of property and space-related work. That includes construction site work for marketing and progress monitoring purposes, retail oriented work such as video tours, and industrial work where there’s a requirement to showcase manufacturing plants, production plants, facilities, and such.

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Professional Photography for Marketing
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Construction Site Photography
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Aerial: Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow
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Retail Property Photography
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Buchanan Bus Station Project
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Aerial: Construction Site
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Commercial 360 & Virtual Tours

We are keen to do more work in the commercial sector involving 360 and virtual tours and are particularly excited about mixing these immersive technologies with video, photography, and other elements. We are one of the only companies we know of, for example, that is offering aerial 360 panorama oriented virtual tours (see example below) that will allow users to take in the location and focus more closely on specific ground-based facilities, integrating technologies like Matterport and Video tours.

360, Virtual Tours, Matterport, what's the difference?

360 video and images allow users to spin around (360 degrees), zoom in, and absorb a scene from a central pivot point . Creating these on the ground is relatively straightforward with the right equipment, but we specialise in creating aerial 360 materials which is a more complex task.

Virtual Tours typically involve a collection of 360 videos or images that have hotspots (clickable icons that serve as links) within scenes, allowing users to move from one area or room to another.

Matterport is a proprietary technology that uses multiple 360 images and very clever software to build 3D models of properties and locations. You can see an example of a Matterport virtual tour here…